New Space Invader Video

This video is totally going to bother me. So basically i'm thinking the cops came determined it was not graffiti or moved what he was doing into a bracket that doesn't fit into vandalism, allowed him to finish and moved on. Of course there is the possibility of this all being staged. This is like the graffiti artist dream to be accepted by the enemy and granted free passage to all territory. Whatever it makes me feel there might a goal, it's just what do you do then. Click for more work from Space Invader.

video from woostercollective


Tyler Stout’s Big Lebowski Poster And “Israel/Palestine” Art Print by Shepard Fairey

Two of the best prints this year are going to be released today and tomorrow. The first one is Tyler Stouts Big Lebowski poster and is going to be released by the time I finish this post in 3 different color-ways. The second is Shepard Fairey's Isreal/Palestine Print and is going to drop tomorrow 12pm PST. Click poster for more info.


Kinsey vs Giant Print

Dave Kinsey and Mike Giant have come together to make a print. It's 18"X24" and is limited to 150. it's 4 color and come signed,numbered, and stamped. Available soon on BlkMrktGallery.


New Bansky