Boxi's 11 Color Stencil - "To Die For"

Most stencil graffiti is done quick and usually no more then 2 colors. This video was done by a someone named Boxi and is called "To Die For." It is made up of 11 different life size stencils. The cool thing about this is the piece is based to two lovers from Afghanistan that tried to elope. The girl was in her late teens and the guy was 21, she was a Sunni and he was a Shiite. They had plans to flee to Iran to get married. The thing is they never told there parents about it cause they knew their parents would oppose. When their parent found out they dispatched gunmen to pursue them. The two were caught then convicted of immoral acts and executed with ak-47s in front of a crowd. The image painted is not of the couple it's more of a tribute. The piece was done in Athen.

If you care to read more about the two lovers.

Info about the stencil taken from here


Genius Street Art Campaign By Australian Childhood Foundation

Seen on the street of Melbourne Australia to raise awareness of child abuse by Australian Childhood foundation.

This is what it looks like when the mannequin is removed it says "Thank you for seeing me"


Edward Colver's "Boots '80" Print

You might be saying, man that print looks familiar. Well it should, it was used for the Bad Religion 80-85 album cover. The photograph was taken by 80's punk photographer Edward Colver. Edward has just released a limited edition of 200 screen pinted 18"x24" posters of the image for only $50. Get it here.

To see more of edwards word you might recognize, click here.